How to Cancel Sniper 3D Premium Subscription

The Sniper 3D is the fun offline gun shooting game. The game has the great online and offline army ward with the gun game.

In this amazing game, you are the best sniper shooting guns of the army and destroying assassins to the daily wars.

There is a premium subscription available for Sniper 3D, and while subscribing premium version of the game, you should have perfect knowledge about how to cancel sniper 3D premium subscription.

The game also has the free trial, and when your free trial time comes to an end, it will warn you about the amount deduction through auto-renewal via pop-up messages, text messages, and notifications about the same.

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Well, you can make a cancellation for the sniper 3D subscription from your device’s setting options. You have to follow the different process for canceling the subscription on various platforms.

Here we are providing you the step-by-step guide so that you will quickly understand how to cancel sniper 3D free trial.

How to Cancel Sniper 3D Premium Subscription on Android?

  1. Open the Google playstore from your android device.
  2. On the upper left side, you can see the MENU option tap on it and check whether you have signed up with the right Google ID or not.
  3. If you are logged in with valid Google id, then tap on the Subscription option from the menu.
  4. Then you will see all the list of subscriptions you have purchased
  5. Choose the purchased subscription that you want to cancel.
  6. Lastly, click on the cancel subscription.

Note: After making the payment for a premium subscription of Sniper 3D, then also you cannot see that in your account, then make sure that you will ask for the refund within 48 hours from the time you have made the payment for the same.

How to Cancel Sniper 3D Premium Subscription on iOS?

  1. Go to the settings on your iOS device, then your name & the click on the iTunes & App store button.
  2. Click on the Apple ID that you can see on the upper side of your device screen and click on the view apple ID option.
  3. Then you have to sign in with your Apple ID
  4. Then by coming downside of the screen, you will see a subscription button tap on it.
  5. Then the list of the subscriptions will be displayed on your device screen, choose the Sniper 3D subscription.
  6. Then confirm the cancellation by hitting the confirm button, and you are done with it.

Note: Check your apple ID twice while subscribing for the Sniper 3D premium subscription because you cannot see the subscription if you signed in with a different Apple ID.

Final Verdict

While doing paid subscriptions, always keep in mind that all these subscriptions are directly connected with your accounts that you are using for Google playstore or iOS devices.

Hence, you cannot cancel these subscriptions remotely. So you need the valid account details to cancel the subscription.

I hope you will understand how to cancel sniper 3D premium subscriptions on different platforms. If you still have any questions, then feel free to share in the below comment box. Till then, Good Bye!

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